Recovery is marked as Number 1 Rehabilitation Centre in noida & delhi ncr For Alcohol and Drug.

we know that your loved on is surviving worst then hell,so please do not worry,by our help he will going to be the best version of himself - we are here to help you with our best experts

It is just not in words but we deliverd what we promise and thats why ministry of social justice awarded us as the no.1 rehab of the year 2020, also check our ratings on google by click 

It is the time to make India addiction-free as well as change image of Rehabilitation Centres


some core points of our Rehabilitation centre

  • Our Rehabilitation Centre in Noida Most Reputed Rehab because we only focus on dedicated counseling, yoga/meditation and the main is we practice the 12 step program for all the patients.12 step program is the only key to stop addiction in this world.

  • WE are the indias first rehabilitation centre which run actual 12-step programe.

  • We audit many rehabs,During awareness events about addiction, I figure out that rehab staff and even the director didn't have any knowledge about the exact treatment program which is 12 step, and I really don't know how families believe on that kind of rehabs.

  • This is the reason we open this Rehabilitation Centre in Noida because Addicts need proper guidance and a comfortable zone where a person can learn new habits and develope himself..

  • In India, the recovery rate is very low because addicts do not get a comfortable zone which is very important for them to work on themself.

  • well decorated rooms,neat and clean environment,feel like home,food according to doctor(dietician).

  • Here at Recovery Rehabilitation Centre in Noida, we cover almost 90% recovery rate.

  • Counseling and yoga-meditation sessions every day.

  • Highly Experienced counselor/staff and psychiatrists.

  • Uncompromised 24*7 care for your loved ones

  • We have the bestest team of  Counselors,psychologist and doctors.

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Dr.Prachi Jain


Experienced Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in De-addiction,substance abuse problems,depression,bipolar and many more. Strong Mental care services professional with a trainee focused on psychotherapy from Tapasya Rehab


Dr.Ashima Ranjan 


Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatrist in Tapasya,experience of 10 years in these fields.  She completed DPM (Psychiatry) from Kasturba Medical College in 2013,MBBS from Kasturba medical college, Mangalore, Manipal University, Karnataka in 2010 and DNB-Psychiatry from IMH,Amritsar in 2015.

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Mr.Sanjeev Dutta


A professional counselor with an experience of 16 years.He is a certified counselor skilled in Great listening,Empathy,A desire to help others.he is also a member of Alcoholic Anonymous and a recovering alcoholic from last 18 of the pillar of Tapasya Rehab

meat our team









REHAB OF THE YEAR 2018,19,2020



Words from the director

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Greetings from RISHABH TOMAR.i have opened this rehabilitation centre in Noida -because I have seen in India lots of rehabs not follow the actual treatment which is important and need for addicts, most of the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Noida follow a TC program, they torching patients and give a different type of punishments to once I see all of this in lots of rehabs then I decide to open a rehab on which we follow the exact treatment plan which is important and need for addicts to recover like 12 step and psychological therapy and amazingly i see that our rehabilitation centre in Noida recovery rate increasing day by day this Rehabilitation centre in Noida is 12 year old and now our rehab recovery rate is around 90% which is a very good achievement of our hard work and I always try to improvise our facility and treatment.




  • Our Rehabilitation centre in Noida provide comfortable facilities where patients are treated with love, care, and concern. 

  • The addiction treatment is based on one and only 12-Steps programs, which have proved to be the most effective recovery programs, adopted by leading rehabilitation centers worldwide.

  •  The capacity of the treatment facilities is limited, enabling focused and personal attention for each patient.

  • Our medically informed, holistic approach to treatment seeks to heal the individual in all aspects of his or her addiction or disorder.

  • Our Rehabilitation centre in Noida, we see the whole picture and seek to address the environmental, lifestyle, health, educational and psychological aspects of your ailment in order to help you get your life back.


Rohit,drug addict

hello my name is rohit 2 years ago,i take treatmnent of my drug addiction,that step was a life changing step for me,i am clean fromn that time also they help me now as well free of cost when ever i need guys are great.


photos changed because of privacy issue

Male Healthcare Provider


i have already gone through many expensive treatment programes,but nothing work on my case,finally i talk to rishabh and i admit here for 6 months and now i am clean from 5 years,very supportive staff and counsellors,facilites are mind blowing,a low cost rehab.

Anshuman,drug addict

hello guys,well from where i start i dnt know but the treatment which i get on the basis of 12steps is really an amazing experience,that yoga and meditation tech-tricks help nme so much to recover.thanks to all staff who helped me.

 Detoxification at RECOVERY Rehabilitation Centre in noida

Advanced Detox centers are in fact, specialized Rehabilitation Centre in noida where patients receive proper care and treatment. Our Rehabilitation Centre  are equipped with sophisticated psychological assessments and laboratory facilities. Treatment of various Psychiatric disorders & drug addiction is done by highly skilled and experienced doctors and trained support staff.

We work hard to treat our patients with care and compassion to build hope, and restoration of the lives of drug and alcohol addiction patients and their family members. Tapasya Rehabilitation centre in noida best-in-class treatment facilities to treat patients and help them fit back into the society. Our specialist team of professionals have years of experience in de-addiction, rehabilitation and counseling. Thus we have emerged as a quality Rehabilitation centre .

Our Rehabilitation centre in noida residential treatment process starts with a patient admission; the patient first medical evaluation is done and join Nasha mukti kendra in noida . We interviewed the patient and his family members to understand the history of a patient’s medical history so that we can prepare him for residential treatment. After that, we send patients for program or residential Nasha mukti Kendra in Noida program which includes personal counseling, group consultation, group activities, gaming sessions and yoga and meditation. This helps the patient to be self-sufficient and fight against drugs and contact our Nasha mukti kendra in Noida . We also conduct family meetings in a regular interval and we take part in the treatment program which further helps us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a patient so that we can work towards the family members Encouraged.


Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


The success of an addict’s treatment requires the support of an entire community. At TAPASYA Nasha mukti kendra in Noida, we understand the pains of addiction and the strength that can be gained from successful treatment.people do not aware of real Rehabilitation treatment process because in india rehabs not focus on the root cause of addiction and also do not know the actual process of 12 step program which is the only way to get recover from addiction. Due to wrong process treatment Rehabilitation centre in noida have a very bad image. there is no way that a person can be clean for the whole life without practicing 12 steps. In India an addicted person considers as a criminal or a bad person, so treat an addict as a patient who suffering from a disease, that is a reason recovery rehabilitation centre gets a very good recovery rate. Families try to find the medication program or go to a psychiatrist which is not work in the life of addict.there is no medicine come which can treat an addict for a lifetime only a 12 step program work for addicts.there is around 40 crore people in addiction on which very few people come in recovery phase.this all happen due to lack of knowledge about addicts and its treatment.staff of Recovery REHABILITATION CENTRE IN NOIDA always create events about addiction and its treatment.Take advantage of this service to help in your healing process and get in touch for more information.



worlds most effective way to treat addiction

  • Twelve-step methods have been adapted to address a wide range of alcoholism, substance-abuse and dependency problems. Over 200 self-help organizations—often known as fellowships—with a worldwide membership of millions—now employ twelve-step principles for recoveryNarcotics Anonymous was formed by addicts who did not relate to the specifics of alcohol dependency.

  • here in recovery Nasha Mukti Kendra in Noida we focus on practicing the principles of 12steps

  • Some medicines and therapies to manage Addict depression are offered by Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Noida . As they will learn to manage their discomfort and cravings from medicines, they will become more disciplined and receive regular restraint and will follow society to become a responsible and productive person.

  • Our Rehabilitation Centre in noida Residential treatment programs provide the highest level of rehab services for individuals suffering from alcohol addiction. Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in noida Residential programs are offered professional rehab facilities, providing an alcohol-free environment that eliminates any potential triggers and temptations to drink.Our Residential rehab may include medical care, mental health services, administration of medications, group and individual counseling, behavioral therapy, experiential workshops, wellness and fitness activities, and training on proper nutrition and health.



Confidential and Comprehensive

Your personal history and circumstances make your addiction unique to you. This service is tailored for you and your addiction, and focuses on educating you and making you strong enough - in mind and body - to be well. We will be with you every step of the way, motivating you and helping you to see that you are never alone in this tough journey.



one to one season

Addiction is a chronic and often misunderstood illness. Many believe addiction and drug and alcohol or substance abuse are a sign of moral weakness, while stopping the addictive behavior is simply a matter of willpower. Scientific studies, however, have proven this is not the the help of one to one counnselling person able to make themselves stronger and spritiual.

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