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You are such a blessed person because by chance you reached the right place,Only Recovery Rehab having the treatment which provided just like American addiction treatment centre,You are just one call away to change your life on extreme level.

NOTE- We are not only providing treatment here, no....we consider all like a family

 Recovery point Rehabilitation centre in noida is a luxurious and private retreat for people who seek confidentiality and comfort. Our facility is designed on the lines of the world’s best, where a person lacks for nothing. We work hard to provide the best services simply because after the pain and misery of abuse and detox, our client deserves but the best.

Recovery Point an De-addiction Treatment Psychiatric Centre in India

Here at Recovery rehab  acknowledged to provide compassionate, high quality care, treatment and rehabilitation facilities to those people suffering from various Neuro-psychological illnesses and drug addictions. The personal-centric approach of our rehab centres produces positive results for every individual as they boost their confidence and help them manage their symptoms, re-gain control over their lives and live a fuller, happier, healthier life again. Recovery point rehab is a unique world which symbolizes the right of faith, right intentions, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right meditation, here in recovery rehab we mix and match different types of personalities and mould them to become productive member of the society.


Why i called it a beatless services,because our whole treatment process is different from all Rehabs, because we follow the Netherland rehabilitation process.


 Adicted people must undergo a detoxification process before they embark on a treatment plan. Detox is the process of getting the alcohol or other drugs out of the addicted person's system and getting him or her physically stable.this whole process goes under with highly experienced neuro psychiatrist plus a staff member always their for them 24/7 for take care

alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol Addiction or Alcoholism is a generally spread sickness which influences ordinary existence of a person. Alcoholism can be considered because of numerous components including hereditary qualities, sex, social environment, and psychological well-being of a man.

drug addiction treatment

we design a unique detoxification and recovery plan for each client. The client begins his or her recovery steps with medically supervised detox, complete with physician-prescribed medication, to be as safe and comfortable as possible during the process. After completing detox, each client will participate in both group and one-on-one therapy sessions with our compassionate and professional staff, as well as, participate in optional 12-step meetings. Clients are served meals prepared by our own onsite chef, who takes into account the nutritional needs of those going through drug abuse treatment, providing plenty of healthful, delicious options to promote healthy recovery. 



REHAB OF THE YEAR 2018,19,2020




  • Our Rehabilitation Centre in Noida Most Reputed Rehab because we only focus on dedicated counseling, yoga/meditation and the main is we practice the 12 step program for all the patients.12 step program is the only key to stop addiction in this world.

  • WE are the indias first rehabilitation centre which run actual 12-step programe.

  • We audit many rehabs,During awareness events about addiction, I figure out that rehab staff and even the director didn't have any knowledge about the exact treatment program which is 12 step, and I really don't know how families believe on that kind of rehabs.

  • This is the reason we open this Rehabilitation Centre in Noida because Addicts need proper guidance and a comfortable zone where a person can learn new habits and develope himself..

  • In India, the recovery rate is very low because addicts do not get a comfortable zone which is very important for them to work on themself.

  • well decorated rooms,neat and clean environment,feel like home,food according to doctor(dietician).

  • Here at Recovery Rehabilitation Centre in Noida, we cover almost 90% recovery rate.

  • Counseling and yoga-meditation sessions every day.

  • Highly Experienced counselor/staff and psychiatrists.

  • Uncompromised 24*7 care for your loved ones

  • We have the bestest team of  Counselors,psychologist and doctors.

​Words from the director


Greetings from RISHABH TOMAR.i have opened this Rehabilitation centre in Noida -because I have seen in India lots of rehabs not follow the actual treatment which is important and need for addicts, most of the Nasha Mukti Kendra in Noida follow a TC program, they torching patients and give a different type of punishments to once I see all of this in lots of rehabs then I decide to open a rehab on which we follow the exact treatment plan which is important and need for addicts to recover like 12 step and psychological therapy and amazingly i see that our Rehabilitation centre in Noida recovery rate increasing day by day this Rehabilitation centre in Noida is 12 year old and now our rehab recovery rate is around 90% which is a very good achievement of our hard work and I always try to improvise our facility and treatment.

we have nasha mukti kendra in different cities also

Rohit,drug addict

hello my name is rohit 2 years ago,i take treatmnent of my drug addiction,that step was a life changing step for me,i am clean fromn that time also they help me now as well free of cost when ever i need guys are great.


photos changed because of privacy issue

Male Healthcare Provider


i have already gone through many expensive treatment programes,but nothing work on my case,finally i talk to rishabh and i admit here for 6 months and now i am clean from 5 years,very supportive staff and counsellors,facilites are mind blowing,a low cost rehab.

Anshuman,drug addict

hello guys,well from where i start i dnt know but the treatment which i get on the basis of 12steps is really an amazing experience,that yoga and meditation tech-tricks help nme so much to recover.thanks to all staff who helped me.

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