• Dinesh Sharma


hello everyone, today i am going to share my story in brief SO that you guys can co relate to yours and may be my story can give you that kind of motivation which will allow you to

more focus on quiting drugs or your addiction.

Well my name is rishabh, i live in india, delhi, i am belong from a very Conservative family and i live with my mom and dad, i have a elder brother but he stay at another state due to his study. Lets start from very beginning.From very small age i was very shy, so much emotional and most of the time i dnt know how i have to deal with my emotions, due to this i did face so many challenges in every day life. I belong to a middle class average family. Where my dad and mom are both working so due to this i spend most of my time alone in my house. Till 5th standard i study in private school but due to money issue my family decide to send me in government school from 6th standard. That was the time i was so much resentful toward my parents, as they dnt have so much money to spend on me, so whatever i ask to my parents that i need this i need that, they simply denied to buy for me and i created so many resentments for my parents. They denied for my cricket bat, cricket ball and many other sports products which i wanted to get. These all situations create so much anger and resentment towards my parents and i was so much depressed from my life, i did not get any pocket money.so i start steal money from my house,So Many time.Till i reach in 12th standard. I already attempt a sucide by medicines and also run away from home 2 times for many days.i did not want that life.. I was fully depressed...in so much pain... So much anxiety.

Then in 12th stand i meet a girl let say name 'P'. Well that is the first time when i start feeling some joy some happiness in my life, she study with me on my physics tution.From that point my life suddenly change and i start spending morw and more time with her. But as i had emotional embalance. We start fighting to each other. We fought many times.i was very good in tellibg lie and i did that with her also. Now again as i have emotional problems. She finally move on after a year once we got admission in college.

Oh my god... That time is very very hard for me. As i said.. I am emotionally week, i dnt know how i have to control my emotions.i spend months crying 😢 in bed,continously i cry for 5 to 6 hours easily in a day.i was sad again. I remember... I speak to god and tell him... 'why you did that to me,why it happen to me only. In my childhood i did not get any love from my parents. I never got my stuff which i wanted to.i did everything on my own.. Then why now again you take my love from me.' I always say that to god.. I was sad.. I was in depression again... I was in self pity so much... I did not want to live that life anymore... I was totally broken. One happiness i got and god take it away from me that one also. Then one of my friend introduce me with weed and brown sugur and once i take it. I feel so much satisfaction.... My sadness.. My guilty feelings.. That numbmess... gone away. I start taking over n over and i think in some months i became a hardcore drug addict. I continously take drugs around 5 to 6 years i can say.At the end i was literally in dying situation. I did try to hang myself by rope but some how that fan on which i try to hang myself got broken and fall on me. That was the day when i feel that god don't want me to die. From that moment i think that god save me for some purpose and from that moment i start my journey on recovery......now i live my life for other addict who still be suffering from that cronic disease. I try to help them so they can clean from there addiction. SO THAT IS MY STORY MAY BE SOMEHOW THIS STORY CAN HELP SOMEONE TO GET AWAY FROM THERE ADDICTION.


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