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What is the best treatment for addicts of drugs and alcohol?

Hello, My name is RISHABH, I have around 12 year of experience of handling addicts. This question is very frequently asked by the side of addict families.

IN INDIA all rehabilitation centre or nasha mukti kendra follow only one treatment program that TC. This TC program is more then worst from JAIL. I have seen lots of rehabs.. They do not follow any guidelines of government.they just doing business. These are big reasons about REPUTATION of REHABS are very POOR, people of india made a very bad image of rehabs due to this families dnt want to admit there person to rehabilitation centre. Many rehab directors says that they have a very good facility and a very good plan for treatment like 12step something but in real they just making money from families and not give a proper treatment to aadict. Due to this recovery rate of india is just around 3% that means in 100 addicts only 2 or 3 addicts become clean and rest fighting with addiction. I am also a addict now i am clean from a long time. As i get a new life, i also want that other addicts get best help for recovery by my side. Thats how i start providing the actual 12STEP program to addicts and now recovery rate of our rehaba is around 85%. If you need help simply you can call us without any hasitation.. If you like what we are doing you can continue with our treatment process. CALL NOW FOR HELP- +918882926516 OR VISIT ON- www.tapasyarehabilitation.com



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