• Dinesh Sharma


That question is very important because lots of parents not able to rectify that there child is in drug addiction. Its very hard to judge but some points we can consider.

1.Behaviour of a drug addict is totally different from normal person.

A.addict not making eye contact properly with there family members.

B.emotions of a addict are bad like showing so much anger in a argument C.addict try to sit alone at home and not intrested to involve with family.

2.sudden wait loss. In most cases addict dnt eat properly due to this sudden wait loss.

3.eyes, drugs directly effect on eyes, eyes become so much red or dark skin at the bottom side of eyes. 4.not studying properly, or not able to maintain job. 5.a addict start living in fantasy world, so a addict can not be fit on social scale. These things you can identify. Or if you need any help related to any drug or alcohol addiction CALL NOW FOR HELP-- +91-8882926516

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